Co-op Cardlock & Bulk Fuel
September 10, 2019

North Country Co-op offers fuel options for a variety of petroleum needs: commercial, agricultural and personal usage. Whether it's cardlock facilities for card holders, bulk petroleum facilities or bulk propane offerings, we have you covered.

Please see our Hours, Contacts and Location Info page for location details.


North Country Co-op is part of a network of over 280 conveniently located Cardlock fuel stops. Those who have a Cardlock Card can use these facilities whenever they need fuel - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! As a North Country Co-op cardholder, you can receive dividends at the Plamondon and Grassland Cardlock locations, as well as our newest location in Conklin, Alberta.

Bulk Petroleum

North Country Co-op offers bulk delivery of fuel. We take pride in the product we deliver and in our excellent customer service. The Plamondon fleet consists of two tri-drive and pup units that are capable of carrying 36,000 litres each and two tri-drive units that are capable of carrying 21,000 litres each. Bulk propane can also be delivered to your location. North Country Co-op has a flat deck to haul loads of windshield washer fluid, totes of oil and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Contact our office for more details.


Whether you’re at home, on the farm or at the cottage, or involved in any type of agricultural, commercial or industrial enterprise, we have the people, trucks and equipment to look after your propane needs. North Country Co-op can supply you with propane tanks and bulk propane delivery.

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